Earn FREE Usborne Books when you have a home show!

As your Usborne Consultant, I will:

  • Help you plan your event
  • Provide you with invitations to give your guests
  • Present this season's best Usborne Books at your show
  • Provide advice on age and subject suitability
  • Take orders and deliver your guests' individually packaged book order to you
  • Ship party orders right to the doors of your guests who live in other parts of Canada

I value our hostesses as an integral part of my business, and I reward you generously!


Usborne Hostesses are rewarded in many ways:




Party retail sales over $200 will reward my hostess with free choice of 10-12% in FREE books!.

Or, if you prefer,  double your credits and save 70% off retail!




Every guest who books and holds a show within 4 weeks will receive $20 worth of books for only $6.

The original hostess will also receive $20 worth of books for only $6.




If party retail sales total $200 or more plus one booking - my hostess receives one of Usborne's monthly bonus books FREE!


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Why not earn yourself some free and discounted books by having an Usborne party?


Contact me today and we'll book you a date that's convenient for you!

Your Consultant

Brandy Burge

Executive Supervisor


Usborne Consultant
Since 2004


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